Yobs terrify dog walkers after launching fireworks at busy Scots park

A Scots dog walker was horrified after two yobs set off a firework near her pet.

Gail Nicol was furious after the two hooded youngsters set off the explosives before running away at 4.30pm an Edinburgh park.

The incident happened this afternoon in broad daylight at popular dog walking spot in St Margarets Park.

Now Gail fears things could have turned sinister as there were a number of dog walkers in the area near the busy road, reports Edinburgh Live.

She fears the prank could have ended in death if the canines became spooked or the rocket went the wrong way.

The video shows the two yobs running away after setting off fireworks and you can hear the dogs barking distressed.

Due to recent legislation setting fireworks off outside of 6pm and 11pm is now illegal in Scotland. You also have to be over 16 to buy fireworks.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live Gail said: “I went to my local park as I have two wee dogs and I meet other people in the park with their dogs all of the time.

“It was only about 4.30 in the afternoon, then all of a sudden loud bangs and sparks everywhere.

“It made it worse as the kids set the fireworks off in the trees at the back wall.

“Then I managed to get my phone out and recorded, thank god all the dogs were ok as it was near a busy road.

“I didn’t report it as Facebook is a powerful thing nowadays as I found out the details of the boys.”

“If these are your children, they have just set fireworks off in St Margaret’s park while dogs are in the park. Your kids are bang out of order get them told how stupid they are.”

One local said: “Would their parents think it was okay if they had their fingers blown off?”

Another exclaimed: “I think the general consensus is that kids can do whatever they like without repercussions.”

While one added: “Also, what idiot supplied these kids with the fireworks?”

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