Shock horror! The Sky didn’t fall on Alan Jones

What in the world? The Parrot topped Sky’s after dark gang of blowhards on the very night he was booted.

alan jones
Alan Jones (Image: Sky News Australia)

Jonesie went out on a high, topping Sky News’s gang of after dark barkers with 95,000 viewers, well ahead of the Bolter on 81,000.

The T20 World Cup game between Australia and Bangladesh was tops with 187,000 viewers. Gloria’s 95,000 was a swan song so next week’s line-up and figures for the Sky gang will be watched to see if a hole appears at 8pm. His figures were close to the highest for his 8pm slot for himself. Now he will sit and glower at his Fitzroy Falls hideaway or in his Circular Quay pad, fuming and fulminating.

On free-to-air, a lacklustre night. Seven won from Nine, Ten and the ABC. The Bachette picked up to 468,000 nationally after Wednesday’s did-you-see-how-low of 373,000. America’s Got Talent on Seven — 366,000; Q+A on the ABC, 338,000. They are who-cares numbers?

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