Dad who was ‘one of the fittest people you’ve ever met’ dies nine days after wedding

Jamie Christie, a fitness fanatic, was diagnosed with cancer on October 21 and passed away three weeks later – just nine days after marrying long-term girlfriend, Sophie

Jamie Christie with his son Dudley
Jamie Christie with his son Dudley

A man who was described as “one of the fittest people you’ve ever met” has died just nine days after his wedding.

Jamie Christie was a fitness fanatic who was a keen gym goer, rugby player and boxer.

On October 21, he was shocked to be diagnosed with terminal cancer despite being extremely physically fit and having a healthy lifestyle.

After the diagnosis, his family and friends came together to arrange a last-minute wedding to ensure Jamie could marry his long-term girlfriend, Sophie Christie, with whom he has a child.

The wedding was on November 3, but Jamie tragically passed away nine days later on November 11.

His close friend Lee Gibb, 40, was stunned by the rapid rate in which his health declined.

Lee said: “He was probably one of the fittest people you’ve ever met in your life.

Jamie, pictured with wife Sophie, was given just two to eight weeks to live


Lee Gibb / MEN Media)

“He was a gym enthusiast, he was a boxer, and he used to play rugby for Scunthorpe rugby club.

“He was a sportsman, and he didn’t smoke. It’s just been absolutely crazy.”

Jamie was a “gentle giant” Jamie, who worked at the Scunthorpe Steel plant and had visited the doctor after he was throwing up blood.

The doctor discovered that Jamie’s body had a large amount of cancer, and was shocked that he had survived as long as he did.

Lee added: “It had come out of nowhere, but he’d been sicking blood up, and he’d gone to the hospital, and they’d done a CT scan on him.

“They’ve then given him two to eight weeks to live – he was absolutely riddled with cancer.

“The doctor has even said, “We can’t believe he’s stood in front of us.”

After the tragic news, Jamie’s loved ones organised a wedding for that Jamie and Sophie could finally tie the knot after spending years together.

The couple said their vows at Scunthorpe Rugby Club where Jamie played regularly.

Lee said: “I’ve never seen him smile so much in my life, and I’ve known him for 30 years.

“You could see that the cancer was attacking him, and you could see his weight loss and the tiredness in his eyes and everything else.

“But the smile on his face will stay with me for the rest of my life – he just smiled from morning until night.”

His pal Lee fondly remembers Lee as a strong person who would never complain about his situation.

Jamie, pictured with son Dudley, enjoyed the wedding day and was the happiest he’d ever been


Lee Gibb / MEN Media)

He said that on his wedding day, he did not shed a tear and enjoyed the day.

Jamie’s friends did everything they could to make it a celebratory day, but the event also felt like a final “goodbye”.

“We had him up singing, we tried to make it the best we could for him, but it was also a goodbye for a lot of people as well,” said Lee.

“It was a crazy day, but we all put our brave faces on for Sophie and Jamie and celebrated the wedding.”

Jamie tragically died on November 12 with his friends being informed shortly after.

“The family kept it quiet until the Saturday morning, then we rang each other.

“We all met at the pub on Sunday and raised a glass to him.

He added: “Our social media in our area has been taken over by Jamie since he passed away.

“It’s just everywhere and everyone – I’ve never seen anything like it after someone’s passing.”

Since his death, Jamie’s friends have set up a donation page to help his wife and eight-year-old son.

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