Mum’s rare condition means she can vomit more than 70 times every day

A woman whose horrific stomach illness can see her vomit more than 70 times a day has spoken of her nightmare.

Leanne Willian, from Bolton, suffers from gastroparesis, a long-term condition where her stomach cannot empty itself of food naturally.

The rare health issue, which affects just six per cent of people in the UK, means the stomach is partially paralysed.

It causes constant severe sickness, nausea, pain and being unable to eat.

Leanne, 39, received a diagnosis in 2008 after suffering from sickness her whole life.

Before being diagnosed, she could throw up more than 70 times a day.

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Her life drastically changed for the better when she was fitted with a gastric pacemaker that same year.

The device, which is inserted into the abdomen, sends impulses to the stomach via electrical wires after eating.

It then empties the stomach, alleviating bloating, vomiting and nausea.

But two years ago, the pacemaker battery ran out, leaving Leanne once again in pain and vomiting every day.

A new battery replacement will set her back £10,000 – and it’s not available on the NHS.

Leanne has battled the condition her whole life

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News , mum-of-one Leanne broke down in tears as she said: “The worst part is that it took me away from my daughter and my family because I was always being sick and in pain.

“As a baby, I had a really bad reflux. I was always a sickly child.

“When I had my daughter at 22, it got progressively worse.

“It was horrible, it was draining.

“Before I got diagnosed, I was being sick all the time. Everything I drank just came back up. I couldn’t keep it down.

“When it would stop working was always in the back of my mind.

“I’ve been going downhill. It’s affecting my life because I’m stuck in the house all day.

“I can’t see my family or friends. I can’t do what I used to enjoy or spend time with my husband and daughter because I’m going downhill.”

Leanne, who was tube fed for seven years to bring nutrition to her stomach, says she has been in and out of hospital ever since her diagnosis.

The former carer, who was forced to give up work two years ago, says she has never been at home for more than two weeks.

Leanne with husband Paul

She continued: “When something like this happens to you, it doesn’t just affect me. It affects my family, my friends, everyone around you.

“All they want to do is help. They’ve seen me at my worst and best and they want me to be back to how I was before I started declining.

“They just want me to get my life back basically.”

Leanne is now crowdfunding for a new pacemaker battery, which she previously obtained through private health insurance.

However, this option is no longer available.

She added: “I can’t understand how the NHS can deny paying for someone and rather tube feed them at a more expensive cost.

“And then there’s the aftercare.

“It’s like a postcode lottery. I was lucky I was able to watch my daughter grow without this surgery.

“If I can help other people by raising awareness, even just one person, that’s amazing.”

To donate towards Leanne’s surgery, please follow the link by clicking here:

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