Australia politics live update: Albanese says PM ‘responsible’ for not condemning protesters’ violent threats; parliament returns; NT Covid cluster grows | Australia news

There’s not there’s not a person in this building, not any one, I hope exists that says that threatening a person’s life, building gallows, doing all that kind of total garbage is something that is just … we don’t want it.

OK. So, no one is suggesting for one second, we do that. And it’s outrageous.

But just because there’s a crazy person in the Carlton crowd at a football game that throws a rock doesn’t mean that every person in the Carlton crowd is crazy.

We’ve got to understand the frustrations that are behind this. And you can’t be saying, ‘Oh, well, you therefore you’re a sympathiser,’ because you acknowledge that there are also people in those protests, who are not outrageous, who are mums and dads, who are law-abiding citizens who also want to be heard.

You can’t say every person in that crowd is somehow a you know, a madman or a mad woman or a bad person – they’re not.

And when you say that, that is also is kind of insulting because there are a lot of people just there, they’ve just had, it they’re frustrated.

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