New twist on the newswire offers reliable content to smaller media players

A 2.0 version of the wire service provides in-depth news analysis to help emerging and independent outlets by a strong journalistic foundation.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Here’s a back-to-the-future trend in news: the good old wire service, now remade to meet emerging and independent media needs on the attention economy battlefield against the power of both big tech and old media.

It’s a critical part of new media infrastructure, offering emerging and independent media a reliable floor of news and content to build their audiences. How critical? Important enough to annoy the old media duopoly to a degree that they’d close Australia’s domestic wire service, AAP, just last year.

Think of the new shared digital news services — like 360Info being launched out of Monash University today — as the 21st century version of the telegraph wires (or, before that, carrier pigeons) that globalised news supply chains to build mass media 150 years ago.

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