Reason why major star missed Survivor Series, Concern over Roman Reigns’ match, Jeff Hardy on a reunion with AEW wrestler (November 22, 2021) 

We’re back with another exciting WWE News and Rumor Roundup. Today’s edition will feature a few stories related to the recently-concluded Survivor Series event.

Many fans had hoped to see a top superstar return at the pay-per-view. But there is a specific reason why that did not happen. Meanwhile, reports following Survivor Series have highlighted that there was backstage concern regarding the main event. Becky Lynch took part in one of the more newsworthy matchups on Sunday, and she became quite emotional during a subsequent interview.

Not too long ago, a current champion expressed his desire to face Goldberg at WWE WrestleMania 38, and Jeff Hardy mentioned his career goals in professional wrestling — one of which involves an AEW star.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these news and rumor stories.

#5. The Rock didn’t show up at WWE Survivor Series due to another commitment

As per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, The Rock is currently shooting a film outside the United States. Moving back and forth between countries is no easy task due to quarantine restrictions these days, so the Hollywood megastar’s potential appearance on the 25th anniversary of his Survivor Series debut seemed out of the question.

“Dwayne is out of the country, and he can’t come back. They are like, doing a movie, and he can’t go back and forth because of quarantine. There was no way he would be at the show tonight,” reported Dave Meltzer.

He also noted that WWE hadn’t specifically advertised The Rock’s Survivor Series appearance this year despite fan expectations.

“Obviously, they did (the crowd expecting Rock’s return) because people built it up in their imagination. I mean, if he was advertised and he wasn’t there, it was one thing. But he was absolutely not advertised,” added Meltzer.

Vince McMahon: “This egg is worth a hundred million dollars.” 💵Roman Reigns: “Almost as much as my next contract.” 👀 #SurvivorSeries

Even though The Brahma Bull didn’t return at Sunday’s pay-per-view, WWE possibly planted seeds for his dream clash against Roman Reigns during a backstage segment between the Universal Champion and Vince McMahon.

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