The literal sign that shows where Australia’s job market is at

It looks as if the job market is, in fact, turning in favour of employees and job-seekers. But securing wages growth after years of stagnation might actually be the easy part.

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When I saw the above sign in the window of a local pub, I did a double take. Paid training? When did you last see a hospitality place offering paid training? And taking on staff with no experience! It’s unheard of!

It must be hard indeed for pubs to find staff right now, I thought. And then I followed the QR code on the sign and I was rocked on my heels — a $1000 bonus to staff who stay for three months? The Australian economy must be going rather better than I figured. 

The employer in this case is a large hospitality company called the Australian Venue Co, which is hiring for work in its 150+ pubs located from Hobart to Darwin. They’ve actually made the news before for their desperate thirst for staff, after offering to pay to bring Aussies home if they were willing to work for the company:

How will wages growth impact the rest of the economy? Keep reading.

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