Cricket bosses should take a look in the mirror

Tim Paine is not the only one at fault here. Yes, his actions set off the scandal, but Cricket Australia hasn’t showered itself in glory either.

Tim Paine announces his resignation as Australian cricket captain (Image: AAP/Ethan James)

Head of Cricket Australia Richard Freudenstein needs to have a good hard look at himself in the mirror and ask a simple question: if he thought Tim Paine’s texting behaviour should disbar him as Australian cricket captain, why didn’t he disbar him? And if he comes up with an answer, he should share it with us.

Freudenstein should also tell us when he was told about Paine’s actions, what he did if he disagreed with the previous board’s position, and whether he thought the sport’s code of conduct or anything else needed adjustment. Because surely if the sexting didn’t breach the code of conduct, but he believed it deserved disbarment, the code should have been changed.

He should tell us whether he questioned the board members who were part of the decision to allow Paine to continue as captain, and on what basis they allayed his concerns that it should not be reinvestigated.

Who deserves the captaincy after Paine? Keep reading.

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