Weather forecast UK – SNOW set to hit Britain in brutal Arctic Blast as amber warning issued by Met Office

Why do storms have names?

The Met Office decided to start giving storms names back in 2014, in the same way they do in America.

The first windstorm to be named was Abigail on 10 November 2015 and since they’ve been asking the public to suggest names.

Past storms included Storm Francis, Storm Dennis, and Storm Ophelia – and if you’re wondering whether it’s just that the public have an eclectic taste for names, the Met Office purposely pick names less common, so as to reduce any bad association with the storm.

They hoped that naming big storms will make people more aware of them and how dangerous they can be.

The UK storms will take it in turns to be girls’ or boys’ names but strangely, research shows that hurricanes with female names are more likely to hurt more people than those with males names.

Scientists think that’s because people find female names less threatening.

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