Lil Durk: Find Out Why He Is Going Back To School | News

Lil Durk has achieved fame and fortune, but one thing has escaped him for a while now: a high school diploma.

The Chicago rapper, who turns 29 next week, took to his Twitter account to share his intentions in regards to earning the practical accomplishment.

“I’m going to get my high school diploma I want to challenge myself on my goals and real life situations,” Durk tweeted on Thursday (October 14).

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If accomplished, it would be the latest notch on Lil Durk’s belt. Most recently, he was featured in the new Beats campaign, marking the introduction of a fresh A-Cold-Wall* collaboration. In the campaign, Durk is seen rocking the fresh headphones while talking about his connection to the Windy City.

Durk also isn’t the only rapper who wants to go back and earn his diploma. Last year, Quavo also achieved the milestone and posted his graduation pictures to Instagram.

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