Ghislaine Maxwell trial LIVE – Latest updates from Jeffrey Epstein ‘madam’ trial as sick obituary meme spreads online

THE sex trafficking trial of Jeffrey’s Epstein’s alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell started on Monday, and a meme about a fake obituary for Maxwell spread on Twitter.

A fake meme story about the New York Times publishing Maxwell’s obituary too early spread on social media even as her trial continued on Thursday.

Plus, at the trial, one of Epstein’s accusers revealed she met former President Trump when Epstein introduced the 14-year-old sex abuse victim to Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The woman, known as “Jane” during the proceedings, claimed she was driven to Mar-a-Lago by Epstein in a dark green car when she was 14.

Plus, Lawrence Visoski, Epstein’s former pilot who is testified for the prosecution, was asked during cross-examination about passengers on Epstein’s Gulf Stream plane and confirmed Trump, Prince Andrew, and former President Bill Clinton had all flown on it.

“I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,” the pilot told the trial.

Maxwell faces allegations that she procured girls for Epstein while also participating in the abuse herself on a number of occasions. Prosecutors allege she and Epstein exploited girls as young as 14.

Maxwell’s lawyers deny all charges against her and will attempt to argue her relationship with Epstein has been overstated.

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    Maxwell’s lawyers also quizzed “Jane” on her career as an actress earlier this week, including asking if she even played a “prostitute” and if she can “cry on command.”

    “This is real. I am seeking closure. I have been running from this my entire life. I want to help in whatever way I can. And maybe find some healing,” Jane said.

    And she added that she clearly recalls the first time Epstein abused her as it was the moment her “life would change forever”.


    Alleged Maxwell victim Jane, now in her early 40s and an actress, was grilled about a multimillion-dollar payout she received from a compensation fund for Epstein’s victims.

    Sobbing, she said: “I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened.”


    Jane previously told how the British socialite was “in the room” when much of the abuse occurred – including when she was just 14.

    She repeatedly said she could either not recall or claimed there were errors in the initial transcription of her comments when speaking to prosecutors in 2019.

    It appears a key part of Maxwell’s defense lawyers strategy is attempting to suggest the victim’s memories have changed over time.


    Maxwell’s first accuser “Jane” took the stand on Wednesday on day three of the trial.

    She claimed Maxwell fondled her as Epstein pleasured himself before the twisted financier abused her with sex toys.

    Jane also told the court that an “orgy” took place in the mansion’s massage room on multiple occasions and both Maxwell and Epstein allegedly took part.


    Sordid and salacious details about Maxwell’s sex life could emerge during the case as victims take the stand.

    Documents relating to her private life have been unsealed in preparation for the case.

    While others were deemed too “sensational and impure” to be released to the public by the judge.

    “Those portions of the transcript, which were redacted in the civil matter, concern privacy interests and their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a ‘craving for that which is sensational and impure’,” said Judge Alison Nathan.

    And with these mystery documents hanging over the trial, it raises the questions about what sleazy claims could be made in court about Maxwell.

    Her lawyers have previously moaned about the focus on her sex life – claiming some parts such as details about sex toys and “three-way sexual activity” – are private.


    Jeffrey Epstein introduced a 14-year-old alleged sex abuse victim to Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial heard this week.

    The court was also told she once participated in a beauty pageant sponsored by the former president.

    Maxwell’s first accuser – who appeared under the pseudonym “Jane” – took the stand during the ongoing trial in New York.

    During cross examination, she was asked by Maxwell’s lawyers if Epstein had ever introduced her to Trump.

    She agreed she had and claims she was driven to Mar-a-Lago by Epstein in a dark green car when she was 14.


    Notable politicians, billionaires, and celebrities have been connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Some of them include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, and Woody Allen.

    Prince Andrew has been accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre. A judge dismissed criminal charges in 2015, but Giuffre is pursuing a sexual assault lawsuit.

    The case is scheduled to go on well into the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year in 2022.


    The exact charges against Maxwell are:

    • Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts
    • Enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts
    • Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
    • Transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
    • Sex trafficking conspiracy
    • Sex trafficking of a minor

    She also faces two other charges of perjury over allegations she lied in a deposition in a separate civil suit, but these will be tried separately.

    She has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her.


    It has been suggested that Andrew’s name could be mentioned in the case and one lawyer said the royal will be “dreading” the trial.

    “It is inconceivable his name won’t be introduced by the women who will testify against Maxwell,” a lawyer told The Mail on Sunday.

    Andrew and Ghislaine are understood to have been friends since university, and she is claimed to be the one who introduced him to Epstein.


    Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey flew to Africa on the Lolita Express in 2002 as part of a project to raise awareness on the Aids crisis and poverty.

    Comedian Chris Tucker was also part of the group, including Clinton and Spacey, who flew to Africa on a five-day humanitarian trip in 2002.

    Flight logs reveal that Naomi Campbell also travelled on Epstein’s plane in 2002.

    Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz took trips on the jet in the late 1990s, flight records show.


    Former Epstein pilot Lawrence Visoski testified that former President Donald Trump was aboard Epstein’s distinctive Gulf Stream plane.

    The Sun reported in 2019 that Prince Andrew flew on a ­private jet with Epstein and his alleged 17-year-old sex slave Virginia Roberts.

    Brit socialite Ghislaine Maxwell travelled on the Lolita Express on a number of occasions, flight logs show.

    According to flight logs obtained by Fox News in 2016, former US president Bill Clinton was a passenger on the jet.


    Jeffrey Epstein was alleged to have used the plane to court underage girls and fly them between his residences across the US.

    The luxury Boeing 727 aircraft was owned by Epstein, though what exactly happened on the flights remains a close guarded secret.

    Victims of Epstein say he organised orgies on board the three-engine commercial jet.

    The luxury aircraft boasted deluxe furnishings, a spacious galley, expansive cabin lounge and a master bedroom.

    The pilot of the plane reportedly undertook around 1,000 flights during his time flying Epstein and others.


    Jeffery Epstein maintained a “little black book” with the names and contact information of prominent people, including President Donald Trump, Elizabeth Hurley and Michael Bloomberg.

    The individuals listed in Epstein’s book have not been accused of or associated with any of Epstein’s crimes.

    In 2020, the Miami Herald tried calling many listed in the book and said they received a “lot of throat clearing, vague answers”.

    Some people apparently claimed they were in Epstein’s book because of their connection with Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Unredacted versions of the 92-page book have appeared online after it was reportedly leaked in 2015 by Gawker, which claimed it was found in court documents.


    Ghislaine Maxwell does not have any children of her own, but is reportedly the stepmother to her husband’s children from his first marriage.

    According to reports, Maxwell secretly wed tech millionaire Scott Borgerson in 2016.

    Maxwell’s own family didn’t know about the wedding until her bail hearing, according to her brother, Ian.


    The British socialite is worth an estimated £7.4million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

    The New York Post reported in 2000 that Maxwell lived off an £80,000 a year trust fund set up by her father.

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