Labor won the final parliamentary weeks. Does that even matter?

Labor may hold a comfortable lead in the polls, but there’s still concern and frustration that the opposition’s message lacks cut-through.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese (Image: AAP/Darren England)

During the final parliamentary sitting days of the year, the strategy from Labor was simple: sit back and let the government self-combust. That hasn’t been particularly hard.

The Coalition will be breathing sighs of relief after sputtering to the finish line of a fortnight that began with deep internal division and policy stagnation and ended with a flurry of resignations and a senior minister stepping aside over allegations of abusive behaviour.

But both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor Leader Anthony Albanese know none of this really matters. In the final sitting days of 2018, a bitterly divided government with no clear agenda lost votes on the House floor and saw ministers scramble for the exits. They were reelected with an increased majority. 

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