F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix LIVE RESULTS: Hamilton WINS, Brit LEVEL on points with Verstappen

LEWIS HAMILTON has won an action-packed Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to take the Driver’s Championship to the final week.

On a day where there were two red flags and numerous other minor incidents, it was all about Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the front.

And things came to a head when the pair COLLIDED late in the race, with Verstappen looking to yield his place on the straight but the Brit unaware of his intentions.

A five-second penalty meant that Verstappen was unable to pull back the Mercedes star and it’s now all eyes on Abu Dhabi.

The pair will head into the final race on the SAME points – it’s all up for grabs.

  • Result: 1st Hamilton 2nd Verstappen 3rd Bottas 4th Ocon

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    Red Bull star Max Verstappen is looking forward to the Abu Dhabi race where it will all be decided.

    Verstappen said after the race: “Yeah, it was quite eventful.

    “A lot of things happened that I don’t fully agree with, but I gave it my all.

    “It will be decided [in Abu Dhabi] so hopefully we’ll have a good weekend, we’ll see”


    Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton finished first in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

    Red Bull rival Max Verstappen followed behind in second with Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas third.

    Alpine’s Esteban Ocon and McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo completed the top five.

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    Hamilton kept his head and handled the pressure brilliantly. He did not let up and even after colliding with his rival remained cool and got the overtake.

    Hamilton said: “Great job guys, great job. That’s more like it. Let’s keep pushing!”

    Verstappen said: “It is what it is mate. I tried.”


    Hamilton’s win and fastest lap means he and Verstappen head to Abu Dhabi LEVEL on points.


    The inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been thrilling from first minute to last.

    Verstappen finishes second and Bottas pips Ocon to third right on the finish line!

    A great day for Mercedes but certainly a stressful one. Team principal Toto Wolff has been tearing his hair out all evening.

  • LAP 49/50

    Bottas desperately trying to sneak past Ocon but he may have left it too late.

    Ocon the fastest of anyone through the first sector. It looks like he will hold onto third.

  • LAP 48/50

    Mercedes think Verstappen is in trouble on his tyres – the Dutchman is nursing his way to the end and now EIGHT seconds behind Hamilton.

  • LAP 47/50

    Hamilton has been warned to steer clear of the curbs.

    He is still setting a blistering pace but Verstappen is slowing on old tyres.

    Meanwhile, Ocon and Bottas are battling for a podium place – the gap between those two is under a second.

  • LAP 46/50

    Meanwhile, Hamilton continues to get faster and faster despite the damaged win.

    He once again records the fastest lap that should be enough to give him the extra point.

  • LAP 45/50

    Verstappen could need to pit and that, plus the five second penalty, could even allow Ocon to overtake.

    So much drama left to unfold in Jeddah…

  • LAP 44/50

    Hamilton leads with six laps remaining and has the five second advantage over Verstappen due to the Red Bull man’s penalty.

    Verstappen let Hamilton through when he didn’t need to…

  • LAP 43/50


  • LAP 43/50

    Time penalty for Verstappen.

    He left the track to retake his lead so has been given a five second penalty by the race stewards.

    It is the first time they have got involved.

  • LAP 43/50

    Hamilton slowed behind Verstappen during the incident – he clearly did not know he was being allowed to overtake.

    Meanwhile, the Red Bull leader yet Hamilton pass and immediately retook his lead.

  • LAP 41/50

    Mercedes complain they did not have time to tell Hamilton he was being given his place back.

    Hamilton was left confused and did not realise he was being allowed to overtake.

    Ron Meadows to Race Control: “We had no idea he (Verstappen) was going to do that. You told me as it happened.”

  • LAP 40/50

    Race control has told Red Bull to give the place back.

    Verstappen will have ten laps to overtake Hamilton, whose car is damaged.

  • LAP 39/50

    Hamilton’s damaged win is causing him to slow and he is now 2.5 seconds behind Verstappen.

    Questions over whether Verstappen swerved at the last moment – that may have caused the collision.

  • LAP 39/50

    Hamilton said: “It’s just dangerous driving.”

    The stewards could intervene here with Verstappen leading – the incident is currently under investigation.

  • LAP 38/50

    Verstappen slowed down to give Hamilton his place back but stayed in the middle.

    Hamilton said: “he just brake tested me! My wing’s broken.”

    Toto Wolff fuming in the pits – he cannot believe it!


    Hamilton and Verstappen collide jsut as Verstappen was told to give his place up to the Mercedes man!

  • LAP 37/50

    Verstappen just about holds onto his lead at Turn 1.

    Hamilton was so close to overtaking his rival – they even touched but Verstappen kept his nose ahead and the gap is back up to over a second.

  • LAP 36/50

    Hamilton goes close!

  • LAP 36/50

    Hamilton getting quicker…

    He’s now just 0.7 seconds behind as yet another virtual safety car comes into play to get rid of an errant piece of debris.

  • LAP 34/50

    Both Verstappen and Hamilton have just recorded their fastest lap.

    This could be a nail-biting finish.

  • LAP 33/50

    The gap between the leaders is 1.8 seconds with Hamilton having to hesitate before overtaking Raikkonen.

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