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Riot police in Brussels, Belgium deployed water cannons and teargas to break up a demonstration after a a group of protesters wearing black hoods and chanted “liberte” began throwing stones

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Belgium: Water cannons fired as Police clash with COVID protesters

Anti-lockdown protesters were battered with water canons today as police tried to break up a violent anti-Covid restrictions demonstration.

Police fired teargas in a bid disperse the people pelting officers with cobblestones and fireworks in Brussels.

A few thousand protesters had marched peacefully through the centre of the Belgian capital to the neighbourhood which hosts the headquarters of European Union institutions.

In the EU quarter a group of protesters wearing black hoods and chanted “liberte” (freedom) and threw stones at the police.

In response the officers used teargas and water cannons on the assembled crowds.

Police used tear gas to break up the protests


AFP via Getty Images)

In one video riot police officers with white helmets, round shields and black uniforms can be seen lined up behind a temporary barrier.

A blast of water can be seen firing over the heads of the officers into the crowd, who are pushed back by the fearsome stream.

The drone of a siren is interrupted occasionally by the sound of blasting fire crackers.

Demonstrators were protesting rules imposed in October that require people to show Covid passes to access bars and restaurants.

Police also used water canons


AFP via Getty Images)

“I can’t bear discrimination in any form, and now there’s the vaccine pass which is discriminatory, sanctions for (unvaccinated) carers which are discriminatory too, there’s mandatory vaccination which is heading our way,” one protestor, martial arts teacher Alain Sienaort, said.

“That’s all discrimination, so we have to fight it. We don’t want a dictatorship.”

Demonstrators and police faced off against each other in the Belgium capital


AFP via Getty Images)

The protest followed new measures that tighten restrictions, but avoids lockdown.

They include mandatory mask wearing for most primary school children and a lengthening of the school holidays.

In late November, a much larger number of demonstrators clashed violently Clashes break out in Brussels in protests over coronavirus restrictions with the police in Brussels.

They were marching against increased Covid restrictions



That led to dozens of arrests, injuries among police officers and widespread property damage.

Covid infections are increasing in Belgium, with 17,976 new infections reported on average each day. That’s 89% of the peak — the highest daily average reported on November 26.

There have been 1,827,567 infections and 27,167 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.

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