Cheeky Scots cat returns home with new collar and ‘I’ve been fed’ note attached

A cheeky Scots cat returned home to it’s owners with a new collar on and a note attached explaining he had been fed.

Chancer Jeffery, 10, was caught sneaking in for food, sleep, water and “a chat” after the neighbour attached the letter to the feline.

The Edinburgh resident, who identified themselves as Kriss, purchased the new collar so that he could enquire about Jeff’s home life situation.

The letter read: “Hi. This cat has owner? He come to me everyday for food, talk, water and sleep. What happened to him on right side chest? All is ok? Much love!”

The note
The note left Jeffery’s owner in stitches

Jeff’s owner, Jessica, was left in stitches when she found the note on his brand new collar when he returned home one afternoon, reports Edinburgh Live.

She said: “Recently Jefferey made a few pals in the area. He came home on Monday afternoon with a little note wrapped around his ‘new’ collar.

“I got a fright and shouted on my mum and dad because I thought I had let the wrong cat in the house. I was chasing this cat all about the kitchen. I ended up grabbing the cat and noticed it was Jeffrey and cut the note off the collar.

Jeff's owner Jessica
Jessica says she’s happy for Jeffery to keep meeting his new pals

“I was shocked but I started laughing afterwards because I had recently taken him to the vet as he was a little underweight due to refusing to eat or drink water. So he got put on antibiotics and had a shaved patch where he got blood taken.

“I noticed he put weight back on – I just never took notice of it, but I’m happy because when I’m out and about or shopping he can have another home to go to.

“I wrote a note back with my name and number. He’s not yet texted me but he sent a note back saying his name is Kriss and Jeffrey is a very special cat to him.

“I was more than happy for Kriss to keep letting Jeffrey in because Jeff won’t give up trying to get in his house. The man sounds lovely and obviously loves Jeffrey just as much as I do.”

It’s not the first time that Jeff has been caught making friends with the locals.

Jessica said: “He tends to give my neighbours frights. The lady up the road came out of her shower and saw Jeffrey curled up in a ball sleeping.

“She screamed for her brother then we eventually got a knock on the door with Jeffrey in the man’s arms with a disappointed face because he was caught.”

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