everything we know about the variant and vaccine efficacy

The good news is booster shots could enhance protection. The not-so-good news is fewer Australians are willing to have them.

(Image: AAP/Toby Zerna)

It’s been almost a month since Omicron was detected in Botswana, and its subsequent spread to more than 30 countries. The COVID-19 variant, which is expected to become the dominant strain around the world and which has a staggering 50 mutations compared with Delta, sent scientists into a frenzy trying to figure out how the mutations would stand up against vaccines. 

As of this morning, the results are in: preliminary data has found those who have been vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer had 40 times fewer COVID-19 neutralising antibodies against Omicron, meaning they are less protected.

Fortunately, booster shots could offer improved protection — but new research shows fewer Australians are willing to go in for a third dose.

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