Australia live news updates: Omicron Covid cases climb as Sydney pub and club at centre of scare | Australia news

Farmland prices are soaring at quadruple the rates of median growth in Australia’s capital cities – as 30-year price highs across agricultural commodities combine with low interest rates and generally good seasonal conditions.

Experts are beginning to warn that the “exorbitant” price of farmland is prohibitive for those starting out, echoing city housing concerns.

It’s not just the gossip-hungry who have been devouring every bit of news about marriage bust-ups among Sydney’s fund manager set – or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

For while many may be reading the details of the dissolution of the marital bonds between fund manager Charlie Aitken and his wife, Ellie, with an eye to the details (Charlie has hooked up with his business partner’s wife, Hollie Nasser, who was Ellie’s best friend) investors who have put their money with Aitken Investment Management have a financial interest, not just a prurient one, in the unfolding drama.




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