Disabled Dundee student described as a ‘star’ by cult artist Grayson Perry lights up TV show

A disabled Dundee student has been praised as ‘a star’ by cult artist Grayson Perry.

Becky Tyler has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uses tracking technology to create astonishing digital artwork.

The 19-year-old , who studies computing at the University of Dundee, featured in Channel 4 series Grayson’s Art Club earlier this year here.

And she’s on TV again this evening as Grayson tries his hand using the technology.

Becky’s astonishing portrait of Grayson.

Becky’s portrait of Grayson was selected for the series’ exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

She now hopes the media exposure will help challenge “preconceived ideas about disability.”

She said: “I painted a portrait of Grayson to show him how I do my eye-gaze painting.

“This portrait not only features in the exhibition, but has also been used in the marketing and advertising for it.”

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Becky’s condition was caused by complications when she was born.

She is unable to walk unaided and can’t talk using her mouth.

She uses a computer with advanced eye-tracking technology to create astonishing works of art.

Grayson Perry

She got a call from producers of ‘Grayson’s Art Club’ after submitting some work.

The popular British artist led masterclasses to help members of the public unleash their creativity during lockdown.

Becky added: “I was very excited. The producer organised for me to have a Zoom meeting with Grayson, where I showed him some of my paintings.

“He loved them. There was some amazing feedback and Grayson and the film company said I was the star of the show.

“He had a go with my eye-gaze technology, it was quite funny. I painted a portrait of Grayson to show him how I do my eye-gaze painting.”

– Grayson’s Art Club: An Exhibition for Britain is at 20:00 on Friday December 10 on Channel 4.

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