This announcer made Rutgers’ buzzer-beater over No. 1 Purdue even better

Ron Harper Jr. played spoiler on Thursday night, hitting one of the best buzzer beaters you’ll see with a call that made it all the more epic in Rutgers incredible upset of No. 1 Purdue.

This clip is proof of how an amazing sports moment can become legendary with the right announcer calling it. Let’s face it: Rutgers hasn’t had a great season so far. The Scarlet Knights lost to Lafayette, and struggled to beat the tiny Merrimack College. Nobody on the face of the earth expected them to push unbeaten Purdue to the limit, let alone win like this.

It’s the kind of play that absolutely deserves screaming “LET’S GO!” a hundred times while fans storm the court to celebrate.

Ron Harper Jr. has been one of the only bright spots for Rutgers this season, and will likely get a shot in the NBA regardless of whether he’s drafted or not. On Thursday night he finished with 30 points and 10 rebounds, showing shades of his pops from behind the arc.

It’s just neat to see another son of an NBA great thrive, even if it does become the latest chapter in my ever-growing book “Oh God, I feel so paralyzingly old.”

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