“He’s a once-in-a-lifetime basketball player”

LeBron James and Steph Curry have had their titanic battles in the past and will likely have more this season. They are fierce rivals on the court, but both of them recognize, value and admire each other’s greatness.

The LA Lakers superstar and four-time MVP is well-aware of his rival’s march to greatness and can’t wait for the Golden State Warriors’ own MVP to break one of the NBA’s most hallowed records.

In a postgame interview after the LA Lakers dominated the OKC Thunder, LeBron James was asked about Steph Curry’s impending march to another historic record. To the surprise of many, the Lakers’ superstar was genuinely effusive in his praise of his rival.

Here’s LeBron James extolling Steph Curry (via Ryan Ward):

“Pretty cool accomplishment. You can’t even jinx it, cause it’s gonna happen. It may happen tomorrow…But it’s gonna happen. We’re all witnesses to what Steph Curry has done in his career and the way he’s changed the game. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime basketball player.”

LeBron on Steph Curry potentially passing Ray Allen (which LBJ admitted it’s only a matter of time): “Pretty cool accomplishment. … He’s a once in a lifetime basketball player.”

LeBron James is well-aware of Steph Curry’s unstoppable quest to top Ray Allen’s all-time record of three-pointers made. As things stand, Curry is only 10 three-pointers away from breaking the mark. James was just one of the thousands who were keeping track of how many threes the reigning scoring champ could make in the game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The funny thing is James’ description of Curry is almost similar to how NBA writers and analysts have described the Lakers superstar through the years. There is greatness in both players that shines through amidst the hoopla of their rivalry.

It’s not a question of “if” Steph Curry will break Ray Allen’s record. It was always a question of “when.” LeBron James will not be able to see the historic moment when it happens, but he vowed to congratulate the three-time MVP once he breaks the record.

When will Steph Curry break Ray Allen’s all-time three-point shots made?

Steph Curry's march to history is inevitable [Photo: GQ]
Steph Curry’s march to history is inevitable [Photo: GQ]

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have a seven-game road trip, starting with a match against brother Seth Curry and the Philadelphia 76ers. The baby-faced assassin is averaging 5.5 three-point shots made per game. Based on that number, it’ll be against the Indiana Pacers that he’ll break the record.

However, no one is betting against the best shooter in the NBA. LeBron James mentioned a couple of times in his postgame interview that Curry has hit more than 10 threes in a game in the past few years. He certainly was a witness to a few of those fiery three-point barrages.

With six made 3s tonight, Steph Curry’s knocking on the door 🔥All-time made threes:Ray Allen: 2973 (1300 games)Steph Curry: 2964 (786 games 👀)Reggie Miller: 2560 (1389 games)

Again, it’s only a matter of time. As LeBron James said, “You can’t even jinx it.”

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