“Never! What advice he gonna give him?”

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest player to step on the hardwood, and while many will give anything to pick his brain, others believe whatever he has to say might not be relevant in today’s game.

It would seem like a no-brainer to seek advice from Michael Jordan, especially for a player who is looking to win a championship. But LaVar Ball thinks otherwise.

According to Hoopsview, he was asked if LaMelo Ball sought advice from Michael Jordan and LaVar responded with an emphatic ‘no.’

“Never! What advice he gonna give him? Do tell me what advice he gonna give him.”

LaVar went ahead to compare the Chicago Bulls legend to expired milk in a refrigerator, stating that it’s no longer of any value.

“When the last time he won a championship? What’s he gonna tell him? And the game has changed, what’s he gonna tell him? If he had the say so, to say, ‘yo, this is what you do to get better,’ the Charlotte Hornets been around for a long time before my son got there. Tell some of them guys so you can win. Don’t wait to tell my boy, give the news to these other guys.”

Michael Jordan is currently the chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, where LaMelo plays his basketball, which is why LaVar was asked the question. Every other parent would have been thrilled to have Michael Jordan as a mentor, but LaVar being LaVar, a no can do.

Even though LaVar has clearly stated his stance, the Hornets players will undoubtedly have a chip on their shoulder coming into every game, LaMelo included.

Michael Jordan has expressed his interest in winning a championship with the Hornets, and with that, he might demand a bit more from the players.

Can Michael Jordan win a championship with the Hornets?

Charlotte Hornets owner and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan
Charlotte Hornets owner and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan

The 2021-22 Hornets team are far from championship contenders, but they have exciting talent to build around. LaVar knows how talented his son is, which is why he is giving the six-time NBA champ a hard time. Understandably, he just might want his son’s achievement to not be tied to Michael Jordan’s nuggets.

LaMelo Ball leads the Hornets in Points per game, Rebounds per game, Assists per game, and Steals per game this season. 🔥(h/t @Bballforeverfb)

Michael Jordan, who has put together the best NBA Finals performance in league history, will always be a resource and source of inspiration to younger players. He made six Finals appearances and won all six in eight years.

Although the Hornets have a good chance of reaching the playoffs, they don’t stand a chance against any of the top teams in the Eastern Conference in a seven-game series. Michael Jordan still has a lot to do in building a championship team, but their future is looking bright, especially with LaMelo on the roster.

Although the Hornets are currently ranked 9th with a 14-13 record in the Eastern Conference standings, they have a good shot at making the playoffs, either through the play-in tournament or directly, if healthy. Their star player LaMelo is currently undergoing the league’s health and safety protocols, and the team is 1-2 without him.

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