We Buy Any Car creep offered woman ‘better deal’ if she ‘made it worthwhile’

A woman has alleged she was offered a ‘better deal’ in exchange for sexual favours by a We Buy Any Car worker after contacting the company.

Harley Gambetta, 26, said she took her car for a valuation but she was offered less than she hoped for her Citroen C1, reports the Mirror.

She drove home to consider her options but claims she was bombarded with calls from an unknown number.

Harley claims this was followed by text messages that revealed it was the We Buy Any Car worker from the branch in West Sussex.

The messages then turned ‘creepy’ as the man allegedly asked if she wanted to meet up, and offered to make Harley a ‘better deal’ if ‘you make it worthwhile for me’.

The man offered Harley a ‘better deal’

Harley, an admin worker, said: “It was a bit strange really. I went along there for a quote and it was less than I wanted, but I wasn’t annoyed and didn’t really care that much.

“I said I’d let them know and then he kept calling, about two or three times. Then I got all those texts and calls.

“He said he’d make me a better deal if I made it worth his while – what sort of person thinks someone will come back for a better deal.”

Harley was offered a ‘better deal’ if she made it ‘worthwhile’

Harley said it would have been dark by the time she could get back to the We Buy Any Car evaluators, in Burgess Hill, near Brighton.

She continued: “I dread to think what might have happened if I was naive enough to go back to meet him thinking I would get a better deal.

“The whole episode dragged on over three or four days and made me really anxious. It was a weird thing to do.

“There were around half a dozen calls in total and the suggestion I would get more money by making it worthwhile for him is vile.

“As a young woman it made me want to warn others about the behaviour of this guy because so much dreadful stuff goes on these days.”

Harley reported the incident to We Buy Any Car who launched an investigation.

Harley's phone log
Harley was bombarded with calls

But the 26-year-old is still concerned, as the man knew her address and had obtained her private information from online records.

She continued: “I reported him and We Buy Any Car weren’t that great, they just said sorry and they’d sort it out.

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“I’d recently just moved out with my boyfriend that week and I felt really anxious, I told them – because he’d seen my form and knew where I live, but they didn’t really care.

“It was just a bit weird, I’m not really angry – I just find it a bit odd. It’s not a normal thing to do, regardless if I was out in a nightclub or not, he works for a known company – I would never be so sure of myself to think someone would come back for a better offer.”

A spokesperson for We Buy Any Car said: “The individual in question was only employed by for a few weeks at the time the accusations were made.

“Following an immediate investigation, the employee was dismissed due to his gross misconduct. We do not condone the actions taken by him and these actions do not represent the rest of our team.

“We wholeheartedly apologise to Ms Gambetta for her experience.”.”

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