Australia Covid news live update: Queensland reopens its border after nearly five months; WA to learn its roadmap out of lockdown | Australia news

We need to reconnect with Queenslanders, we didn’t do well enough in the last election. When I was locked out of Sydney because of restrictions, I spent a long time in Queensland, I did a couple of road trips up and down the coast.

I visited every small place that there was in between Rockhampton and Brisbane down the coast, and I think that Queenslanders know that this is a tired government, the end of its third term, they don’t have an agenda for today, let alone a vision for tomorrow and I’ll be talking today about our plans including 465,000 free Tafe places, 20,000 additional university places, and how we build back stronger. We need to take of the sacrifice that Australians have made by actually trying to envisage how we become more resilient, how we make more things. On my trip to Queensland a few months ago, I went to Maryborough, they’re doing fantastic there.

Making trains, building things, creating jobs in regional Queensland and that’s what I want to drive.

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