Paddle, Net, and Award Certificate Ideas For Players

With more and more folks jumping on the pickleball bandwagon, it’s time for “The Sports Feel Good Stories Pickleball Gift Guide.” This guide is designed to help you find the right gift for the favorite pickleball players in your life.

If you’ve made it to this article, you probably already know that pickleball players are a passionate bunch. A gift associated with pickleball is right on theme. But, you need to find the perfect item. We can help.

You might be looking for a Christmas present or a birthday gift, or maybe it’s just a surprise. Whatever the case, you’ll find some good alternatives for pickleball players here.

Sports Feel Good Stories Pickleball Gift Guide

Let’s jump right into like it’s 0-0-2.

Pickleball Paddles

A great thing about pickleball is that it’s an inexpensive sport. One of your first purchase decisions is what to use for a paddle. We have two choices for paddles that are sure to impress. Both are from Electrum.

Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Electrum Pro pickleball paddle

The Electrum Pro Pickleball Paddle stands out from many paddles that look like Walt Disney threw up on them with a stylish all-black look. Looks aren’t the most crucial thing when selecting a paddle, but you might feel better coming into a match when your Electrum Pro Pickleball Paddle looks the part of a professional. The #1 APP Tour Female, Lauren Stratman, uses this paddle.

Weighing in at about 8 ounces, this paddle delivers a lot of pop on serves and groundstrokes. It has a carbon fiber face that allows players to impart a lot of spin on the ball and maintain control when playing the soft game.

The grip is 4.25″ in circumference, so you might choose to overgrip with tape if you have a bigger hand. The grip length is 4″. The overall size is 15.5″ in length and 8.5″ in width. This paddle comes with an excellent cover as well.

Our court testers loved the speed of the ball coming off the paddle for serves and volleys. If you’re looking for a little more punch in your game, you’re going like this one. Topspin and underspin serves and groundstrokes moved with more rotation due to the carbon fiber surface. This is a winning paddle!

(SRP: $169.99, although with the holiday promo, you can get it for $139.99.)

Electrum Model E Pickleball Paddle

Electrum E Model Pickleball Paddle - pickleball gift guide

The Electrum Model E Elongated Pickleball Paddle is just the second model from Electrum and is shown with its cover on. At 16.5″ long, the elongated shape gives players a little more reach for hard-to-hit drop shots and fast volleys. As a tennis player, I find this shape more tennis-like and easier to adapt to than the traditional pickleball paddle shape.

This paddle has it all. The same materials used for the Pro Model are featured in the E Model, so the pop and speed are there. Most testers thought that this paddle had greater control. Hitting serves loaded with spin and underpin, and topspin groundstrokes are very easy with this paddle. The carbon fiber construction is designed to maintain the spin capability for the paddle’s lifetime.

It weighs in a little heavier than the pro at 8.0 – 8.5 ounces. The grip length is 5 1/4 inches making it easier for two-handed backhanders. The grip circumference is bigger at 4 1/2 inches. The paddle width is 7.375 inches. The core material is polypropylene honeycomb.

Like the Pro Model, this paddle was designed in Silicon Valley and has the same cool looks. Don’t be surprised if your pickleball friends comment on your new paddle right off. The sleek looks will catch their eyes.

(SRP: $179)

Pickleball Net

Pickleball has become such a passion for some players that they’re looking to add court spaces in places around their homes or cabins. To accomplish that, you’ll likely need a pickleball net. Here’s our recommendation.

On Court Off Court PickleNet – Oval Poles

On Court Off Court PickleNet - Gift Guide

The On Court Off Court PickleNet – Oval Poles is the best-selling pickleball net system in the world. The net is privately manufactured for the USAPA and conforms to the standard measurements of 22 feet long and 34″ high in the center. This net is quick and easy to assemble and has a zippered nylon bag carrying case. The patented oval tubing prevents twisting that can occur with round tubing.

These nets can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s best to store the net indoors to prevent weathering that could occur if left outside too long.

(SRP: $179.95)

Pickleball Awards

Are you putting together a little pickleball tournament with your friends and family and looking to award the winners? We have the solution for you. Please note that CertificatesPlus is associated with

Editable Pickleball Certificates By CertificatesPlus

editable pickleball certificates - gift guide

These Editable Pickleball Certificates come to you in the form of digital templates enabling you to personalize with the winners’ names, print out, and then reuse them time and time again. You can create the award name yourself by just typing it in. Some ideas might include Pickleball Champion, Pickleball Superstar, First Place, Second Place, Runner’s Up, King of the Kitchen, Queen of the Kitchen, etc. The only limit is your imagination. Heck, we might even create one for us that says, “Best Pickleball Gift Guide.”

Before and after editable pickleball certificates

The certificate templates come in six colors: green, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, and purple. All of the text fields are editable. Because the product is a digital file, you’ll have immediate access via Etsy once you pay for it.

(SRP: $13.99)

See Pickleball Strategy With Dave Weinbach.


After all, it comes down to the paddle and ball.

The Onix Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleballs

Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball

The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball — The ball used in more sanctioned tournaments than other brands. It is manufactured as one seamless ball before the holes are placed in. Experienced players love its consistent bounce. A good ball is a must for any pickleball gift guide and this is our top pick.

(SRP: $12.99 for a 4-pack)

Pickleball Shoes

If you’re looking for pickleball shoes, you’re looking for a good pair of tennis shoes that enable you to move left to right as well as front to back with the proper traction and support. A good pair will allow you to stop quickly and easily transition from one direction to the next. Cautionary note: Don’t wear your pair of running shoes to play pickleball.

NikeCourt Lite 2 Shoes

NikeCourt Lite 2 Shoes

Nike delivers again with this classic court shoe, the NikeCourt Lite 2. Created specifically for hard courts, the sole features five patterns to outline the basic movements of players. It provides excellent cushion and support while you play. It comes in multiple color schemes and is an incredible value.

(SRP: 65, but can be found for around $52)

Final Thoughts

As the popularity of pickleball continues to skyrocket – it’s the fastest growing sport in the U.S. – the number of gift options will continue to rise. We’ve highlighted some great gift options for you here. It’s not a bad idea to explore the recipient’s interest level about a potential gift in a discreet manner before making a purchase decision. Good luck.

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike used to work as a tennis instructor but now has the pickleball bug. He’s the founder of Sports Feel Good Stories.


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