Australia, if thou’d loved thy neighbours as thyself COVID would be tamed

So far we have provided to the Pacific region the equivalent of Panadol and a leaflet on scabies, showing no vision, no leadership, and no wisdom.

(Image: INA Photo Agency/Sipa USA/Andi M Ridwan)

As New South Wales throws off the mantle of vaccine Stalino-Nazism, as the flights start landing in Tasmania, the news is exciting: there’s another new COVID-19 variant on the way. What? No, not Omicron. OMG Omicron, more like Overcron. Catch up.

Omicron is everywhere already, has been for weeks and is, we are told — on no sure authority — far less severe in its effects than Delta, which is still in the charts. No, not Omicron. I’m talking about the Pi-variant. Or maybe it will be Rho. Or Omega. Whatever, it’s the one that will come to us not from Africa but from Papua New Guinea and/or Indonesia.

Lucky us, of all those in the First World, we’ll get it first. It may be even less severe in its effects than Omicron, if that’s even true of Omicron. But there is no iron law of declining virulence, and so it may reboot. But whatever it will be it is coming. 

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