Tyron Woodley claims he stopped Jake Paul being knocked down by ‘fixing’ ring ropes

Woodley admits that his coach had the ropes tightened before his clash with Paul, which prevented the YouTube star from being knocked down as he bounced back up in the fourth round

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has revealed he had the ropes tightened before his fight with Jake Paul which inadvertently prevented him knocking down the YouTube star.

The former UFC champion was beaten by split decision in his clash with Paul in August.

However he came close to scoring a knockdown in the fourth round after crashing his opponent into the ropes but Paul survived.

Woodley has now recalled his coach telling him the ropes were loose before the fight which he had fixed after a request to the commission.

“My coach grabbed the second and third rope and said ‘these ropes are f****** loose look at them’,” Woodley said.

Jake Paul was held up by the ropes in the fourth round


Amanda Westcott/Showtime)

“So they tightened them up and was like ‘are these ropes to your liking now?’ That was the last thing we saw and heard of about the ring.

“Go back and watch the fight and put it in slow motion. When I hit Jake Paul if that second and third rope had not been tightened on our request, I sprung him back towards me.

“When I did that I was punching trying to knock him through the f****** ropes and he caught me right here (arm) as I punched behind his back, which took my arm and shoulder out.

“So I did this razzle dazzle pop with my left hand and I said ‘you know what Tyron walk him down he hasn’t knocked you out yet’, So I am not making any excuses for it, it is what it is now we get to do it again.”

Woodley spoke in the immediate aftermath of the fight about a row between his team and the commission over the ropes which threatened to mar their preparations.

The former MMA star also labelled the circumstances surrounding the ropes “fishy” after Paul narrowly escaped being sent to the canvas.

Issues have also been raised around Woodley’s intentions to secure a stoppage with the YouTube star’s rival Dillon Danis claiming there was a “no knockout” clause inserted in the contract.

Who will win the rematch – Jake Paul or Tyron Woodley? Let us know your prediction in the comments section below

Paul swiftly moved to deny the accusations branding them “bull****” after Claressa Shields claimed that Paul “rigged” the fight.

Woodley will now receive his second shot at Paul after the 24-year-old’s clash with Tommy Fury was cancelled after the Briton pulled out with a chest infection and broken rib.

The retired UFC star has vowed to push harder for a stoppage against Paul this time admitting that he could have made him pay for his missed shots.

“I feel like there was times where I made him miss and didn’t make him pay,” he added.

“Without going into the game plan, I feel like there were times where I could have made more stern consequences for even trying to hit me.

“That’s the one thing I could pick out. I watched the first fight fully for the first time yesterday and I felt like I won rounds four through eight.

“That’s not counting what should have been a 10-8 in round four with the knockdown. If I add in some more volume, I’m going to get the knockout.”

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