The Christmas sprout brunch which will win over the heart of any Brussels hater

One of the highlights of the Christmas season has to be the food.

Whether you love pigs-in-blankets, turkey with lashings of cranberry sauce, or if you prefer a nut roast – there’s something for everyone

But Brussel sprouts seem to be the Marmite of festive food – people either love them or hate them.

Rebecca Lockwood, from our sister site Lancs Live, went to taste-test a Brussels sprout brunch from Brew, an independent café in Lancaster.

She’s never fancied a Brussels sprout before in her life – but says that her experience ‘changed breakfasts forever.’

Rebecca’s report is below.

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After seeing Brew’s announcement of the Sprouts and Wild Mushrooms dish on social media, I decided – despite never having tried sprouts before – that I had to get down there to see what it was like, and I left very surprised.

The Sprouts and Wild Mushrooms brunch is made up of Sauteed sprouts, wild mushrooms, chestnuts and balsamic on sourdough toast with poached eggs.

It costs £7.85 and meat eaters have the option to add bacon for an extra £2.

Before I get into what it was like, I would like to say I have never eaten Brussels sprouts before. They have never appealed to me and until today (December 15) I have had no interest in eating one.

So what was it about the Brew brunch that changed me? I don’t know, all I can say is that it must be the magic of Christmas. My mum would be proud.

When my Brew Brussels sprout brunch came out, I couldn’t believe how little I had paid for such a good looking plate of food. So, I’d like to commend Brew for the excellent presentation skills first of all.

The sauteed spouts were beneath the poached eggs with wild mushrooms

Everything was built up on top of the sourdough bread, with the sprouts and mushrooms in together, and quite frankly the best looking poached eggs I have ever seen in my life on top.

When I popped those poached eggs is was as if all my wildest Christmas dreams had come true. The yolk dribbled all over the toast and I couldn’t resist immediately digging into it.

My take on trying Brussels sprouts for the first time – I wouldn’t have them in isolation ever, but, that somehow didn’t have an impact on the brunch.

It was really good. And, despite my pre-conceived notions about sprouts, I ate the whole thing up.

Obviously, I think it’s a bonus if you are a sprouts lover, but for those of us who shy away from the green gremlins at the dinner table, it is totally worth trying.

Brew is a small independent coffee shop on Brock Street in Lancaster. They serve drinks and freshly baked cakes, as well their breakfast and brunch menu which is available 9am-3pm.

It is open every day from 9am until 4pm. On Sundays it opens at 10pm.

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