Will Urban Meyer get the chance to coach again?

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Currently tied with Meyer’s career record of 2-11, the coach of the Texans has a great opportunity to get off of this list on Sunday, when Houston pays a visit to Jacksonville. Too bad for him, he won’t be able to claim a win over Meyer.

So, everyone who did worse than Meyer as a head coach in the NFL never got another job as an NFL head coach, which is how it should be. Only one of the six previous megaflops ever was a head coach again anywhere, and not even in college, but Canada, where Rust didn’t even last a full season.

Is there a chance that Meyer could buck the trend? Sure. But it’s very possible that his performance in the NFL — just record-wise, not even thinking about all the stuff that led to him losing his job before even getting a full season in — means that we’ve seen the last of Meyer being able to call himself a “head ball coach,” whether or not he’s kicking someone while doing it.

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