Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘posh’ demeanour helped lure victims to be abused by Jeffrey Epstein, prosecutor says in closing arguments

Ghislaine Maxwell lured teenage girls into a trap for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse and was the financier’s partner in crime, a prosecutor said in her closing argument.

Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe argued that Maxwell’s presence made young girls feel comfortable spending time with Epstein. Otherwise, receiving an invitation to spend time with a middle-aged man would have seemed “creepy” and “set off alarm bells,” Moe said.

“Epstein could not have done this alone,” Moe said. “When that man is accompanied by a posh, smiling, respectable, age-appropriate woman, that’s when everything starts to seem legitimate. And when that woman … acts like it’s totally normal for that man to touch those girls, it lures them into a trap.”

Moe’s closing argument is expected to last up to two-and-a-half hours. Maxwell’s defence will then present its summation before the jury begins deliberating.

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