The year that was in the US — and the year that looms

The stakes are high for the US in 2022. But with Republicans trying to rig future elections, it’s not only America on tenterhooks. The world is too.

(Image: AP/Andrew Harnik)

A lot happens in 365 days.

One year ago Donald Trump was president and plotting to keep it that way. The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines had just commenced their rollout. Hundreds of thousands of Americans had been killed by the virus. The worst surge was in full swing. Schools were closed. Restaurants were shuttered. Christmas plans were cancelled. Unemployment stood at 6.7%. Millions of people were on the brink. Everyone hoped that 2021 would bring relief.

In many respects, it did. In just 50 days the new Biden administration enacted a $1.9 trillion rescue plan to provide emergency support and economic stimulus. This was the fastest major legislation at the outset of a presidency since FDR entered the Oval Office.

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