Boris Johnson announcement – New Year RUINED by post-Christmas lockdown, experts fear, but studies show Omicron’s milder

Boris Johnson wants to lock us down after Christmas – but where is the data that proves it’s necessary?

This is a comment piece by Sir Iain Duncan Smith

HERE we go again. Government keen to get the economy going and let us have a decent Christmas when along comes the scientific and medical elite with dire warnings that maintain Omicron is out of control, threatening the NHS.

And, hey presto, Britain stands on the verge of another slide into a post-December 25 lockdown.

But where is the data they’re not showing us? For example: Those in hospital, were they jabbed or not? Did they go in with Covid or catch it there? And importantly, are people dying of Covid or with it alongside other original conditions?

Each of the previous three lockdowns was preceded by forecasts that made the picture look so bleak that the Government was forced into lockdown.

Yet Sage’s forecasts turned out to be wildly pessimistic and very wrong. Project Fear is alive and well

In February 2021 they predicted that the number of people hospitalised with Covid-19 could reach 90,000 by July.

In fact, on July 1, 2021 only 373 new patients were admitted to hospital with Covid-19, with a total of 1,937 patients in hospital with the virus at that time, across the whole of the UK.

Now Sage modellers tell us that we face another crisis, as a result of this Omicron variant. What is the basis of their lockdown demand?

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