Former soldier locked up for stalking TV presenter Louise Minchin and her daughter

A former soldier who stalked TV presenter Louise Minchin, and her daughter, made a number of “graphic and disturbing” threats on social media, leaving the family feeling “unsafe” in their own home.

Carl Davies, aged 44, was brought before a jury in court having admitted to two charges of stalking against the former BBC Breakfast star, Louise Minchin.

Davies confessed to a campaign of harassment against the newsreader and her daughter on the day that he was due to face trial in Mold Crown Court, Wales.

North Wales Live reports that in one message to Louise Minchin, he wrote: “Move or you’re f****d”, while in another he said: “your daughter will definitely be raped.”

The court was informed that Louise was in her BBC Breakfast role at the time of the abuse and her daughter Mia, who manages her social media platforms, when they became targets of Davies.

It was said that, prior to the online abuse, he was not someone known to the family.

Carl Davies posted multiple "intimidating" messages "intended to maximise fear and distress" to Louise Minchin and her daughter
Carl Davies posted multiple “intimidating” messages “intended to maximise fear and distress” to Louise Minchin and her daughter

The prosecutor, Mr Brian Treadwell, said that the former soldier took to Instagram last summer to leave “serious” threats and disclose private details about the Minchin family.

The court heard that in July 2020, both Louise and Mia had received messages from Davies using a fake profiles on both Snapchat and Instagram under the names of Bobby Martin.

These messages were said to contain “threatening and abusive” content, and Davies directly tagged the women into the comments to ensure they would see them.

The court heard that one of Davies’ “disturbing” threats, sent to Louise, said her child would be raped. In this, he correctly included their address and noted what cars they have on the driveway.

In a further comment, Davies said he “could not wait for a Sunday roast” with the family before identifying the Cheshire village that the family resides in.

He also commented on one of Louise’s Instagram photos that he could “see her garden” from where the image was taken, trying to show he was indeed aware of where the Minchin’s lived.

Mr Treadwell told the court how Davies’ actions meant the family were left “significantly stressed” and were forced to change their day-to-day activities after informing the BBC and the police about the continued threats.

Davies was eventually arrested after police tracked his IP address to his Flintshire home on August 28. It was later confirmed that an email address linked to Davies was used to set up both accounts.

In interview, he made no comment responses all police questions.

Louise, who recently appeared on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, provided a statement to the police about the distress and fear caused by Davies that “haunts” them still almost a year on.

Davies has previously been convicted and given a suspended sentence for stalking Cheshire-born Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, with whom he had been in a long-term relationship.

Defending Davies, Mr Duncan Bould, said the Flintshire man left school at 16 with “virtually no qualifications” and suffered with ADHD.

During the course of this case, it was fully diagnosed that he had sustained PTSD while serving overseas with the armed forces – but has never received treatment for the condition.

He added nothing he could say can lessen the stress that the family of Louise Minchin were put under by Davies during the summer of 2020.

Davies was jailed for a total of two years and eight months. He was also slapped with indefinite restraining orders preventing him from coming into contact with Louise or Mia Minchin again – both physically and via social media.

Judge Nicola Saffman said: “Louise Minchin says she may never feel safe again. Mia Minchin says she no longer wants to live at the family home.

“You acquired personal details and used them to create serious alarm and distress in messages sent to Louise and Mia Minchin. Everyone has heard the graphic and disturbing detail of the messages.

“It is clear they are still suffering deep distress a year on. In my view, both Mia and Louise genuinely believed that you would carry out those actions because of the detail and the content of your messages.”

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