Requirement to have own driveway rules out EVs for thousands of homeowners says Senator

Dundalk Senator John McGahon has highlighted the ‘”strange anomaly” where anyone hoping to avail of an electric vehicle home charging point has to have their own driveway.

e said this would “rule out thousands of people in this country, including people who live in apartment blocks, on terraced streets or anybody who does not have a private driveway.

“We are at the beginning of this type of technology but we have seriously ambitious targets to have 1 million electric vehicles on our roads by 2030. That is just eight years away.”

Speaking in the Seanad he asked what was being done to ensure people who live in apartment blocks or terraced houses and who do not have access to private driveways can access charging points?

“We want to get to a stage where everyone in this country has an electric vehicle, so it is not going to be feasible for hundreds of charging points to be put into estates. We need something where every home owner can have access. If it is the case that it cannot be physically attached from the home to the car, we need to come up with new forms of technology to get around this.

He highlighted trials underway in Germany,  where an electric vehicle can connect into an electric light on a street and charge from that light.

“That means somebody living in a terraced house in Dundalk or anywhere in the country who is not able to block a public pathway or footpath by connecting the car to the house could plug into an ESB pole and take some of the electricity from that for a point in time. It is a new technology in Germany and it is something that could resolve the problem.”

“The future is bright for electric vehicles. I have no doubt that in the next couple of years we are going to see a reduction in the cost of electric vehicles and an increase in the range of electric vehicles and the distances they can go. When the ranges in electric vehicles increase it will reduce the need for chargers at the same time. “

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