Parent pranks Joe Biden at White House Christmas event

An American dad used a vulgar anti-Biden insult on the unwitting US president as he hosted a White House Christmas event for parents and children.

Joe Biden and the First Lady were hosting the traditional annual presidential phone call with children tracking Santa’s flight when a father told the president: “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The phrase has become a euphemism for “F— Joe Biden” among conservatives after a TV presenter appeared to mishear the profanity during a live broadcast of a Nascar event, telling viewers that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”, in honour of the race winner Brandon Brown.

The president and his wife, Jill Biden, were taking calls into the North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa Tracker, which follows the progress of Santa’s reindeer-guided sleigh for millions of children.

During one call, the Bidens took a call from a family in Oregon, with dad Jared, and children Griffin, 11, Hunter, three, Piper, four, and Penelope, two all discussing their wishes for Santa.

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