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Diamonds have an unrivaled worth in Garena Free Fire since the currency is almost always necessary to obtain a wide variety of fascinating items in the game. Some of these even give a significant advantage, tipping the scales in their favor.

One of the issues that many gamers have to deal with regularly is not having the necessary number of diamonds to purchase the items they want. In order to fulfill their desire for cosmetics and other items, they are constantly searching for free in-game currency.

This article provides a comprehensive list of methods through which players can maximize the amount of diamonds they get for free.

Best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire

1) Giveaways

Some of the giveaways (Image via YouTube)
Some of the giveaways (Image via YouTube)

Even though users aren’t assured of diamonds with his approach, it is the most straightforward technique because they have to participate in them. Several well-known streamers and content creators host plenty of giveaways in celebration of reaching various milestones.

Gamers can easily join the contests by visiting their channels and completing the required tasks. Such giveaways might not always have diamonds as a prize. However, they may offer several other items like cosmetics and more.

2) Events

The prizes of one of the previously available event, Voice of Booyah  (Image via Booyah)
The prizes of one of the previously available event, Voice of Booyah (Image via Booyah)

Garena hosts several events and contests on the Booyah platform, providing items to Free Fire players as rewards. In addition to the premium in-game currency, it can include outfits, pets, characters, emotes, and more.

Players need to complete tasks like watching specific videos for a given duration, uploading their own unique clips, and more. Although the watch-to-win events guarantee a reward, the items drawn by gamers depend on their luck. On the other hand, they will have to win the contests to get the items.

3) Applications

Numerous third-party applications are available in the marketplaces that provide vouchers, gift cards, and Google Play credits. However, this method entails significant work and time. Google Opinion Rewards is a popular choice among users and is utilized widely in the Free Fire community.

The app requires users to complete surveys in exchange for credits that may be used to make in-app purchases. In a few weeks, users will be able to collect enough Google Play Credit to purchase multiple Special Airdrops. Other than this, there are other GPT applications like Poll Pay, Mist Play and more that players can use.

4) Redeem codes

One of the previously released codes for diamonds (Image via Free Fire)
One of the previously released codes for diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Redeem codes are a rare commodity in the Garena Free Fire, and finding a working redeem code for the diamonds is even more difficult. Redeem codes have 12-characters that must be claimed on the official website to receive all the mentioned benefits.

However, the codes have limited validity which makes it difficult for players to get the rewards. The codes might have an expiry date or may be for specific servers, limiting the number of players who can use them.

Gamers can click here to find some active Free Fire redeem codes that provide cosmetic items.

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