How to get Winter Wildcards Nicolas Cozza item in FUT 22

FIFA 22 has continued with the release of player items as part of its SBCs from the Winter Wildcards promo, and the latest one features Montpellier center-back Nicolas Cozza.

FIFA 22 players will be able to add a Winter Wildcards edition of Nicolas Cozza upon completing the SBC. This is a guaranteed way of adding a Winter Wildcards item as the other alternative methods involve a lot of luck. Since its release, the Winter Wildcards promo has gained massive popularity due to the peculiarly positioned cards and permanent upgrades.

Although these cards are available in the packs, the chances of packing them in the packs are quite low. Hence, it can lead to a potential wastage of FUT coins and this can be avoided by simply doing the Winter Wildcards player item SBCs like Nicolas Cozza one.

Tasks, rewards, and review of Winter Wildcards Nicolas Cozza card for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Tasks of the SBC

1) Ligue 1

# of players from Ligue 1: Min 1

IF Players: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 82

Team Chemistry: Min 80

# of players in the Squad: 11

2) France

# of players from France: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

Team Chemistry: Min 60

# of players in the Squad: 11

The Winter Wildcards Nicolas Cozza SBC costs only about 110,000 FUT coins. FIFA 22 players will be able to reduce the cost further by using fodder from their own collection.

What is the Nicolas Cozza Winter Wildcards Promo for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Winter Wildcards Nicolas Cozza SBC is the latest player item SBC from the ongoing Winter Wildcards promo for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team at the moment. It is a two-task SBC so players will have to complete both tasks to earn the rewards. Players have less than a week to complete the SBC.

Review of the Nicolas Cozza Winter Wildcards item and SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Nicolas Cozza’s 85-rated CB card is a pretty solid addition to the game. The card could have had a bit more overall, but with a Pace of 85, it’s definitely up there in the meta. Cozza’s item doesn’t lack in defensive stats with 87 Defense and 85 Physicality.

The cost of the SBC is also fair, considering the quality of the card that is being rewarded. Overall, it’s a solid addition after a few days of poor releases before Christmas, and this will surely delight FIFA 22 fans.

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