‘My partner bought a Christmas present for his ex – but didn’t get me anything’

A woman has gone viral after sharing her upset at discovering that her partner had given his ex a gift for Christmas but hadn’t bought anything for her this year

A man holding a Christmas gift near a Christmas tree
He got his ex a Christmas gift (stock photo)

When it comes to relationships, it can be easy to put expectations on our partners and feel disappointed or upset when they don’t do as we had hoped.

One woman has recently shared how she’s been left feeling rather sad after her other half didn’t get her anything for Christmas, as she thought he might.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she had her partner had recently bought something quite expensive together and as such had decided not to buy gifts for each other this year.

Despite this, she had still treated him to a little something to go under the tree.

The woman is a bit upset about it (Stock photo)


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The woman claims she wasn’t bothered about him buying something for her initially as it was “her choice” to get him a present.

But then she found out he’d got a gift for his ex and things took a turn.

Her post read: “We said we wouldn’t do presents as we’ve just gone halves on something fairly large, not too expensive about £100 each which we can easily afford.

“I have bought him something, which I know was my choice but now I’ve found out he’s bought something for his ex (they are ‘just friends’ but that’s a whole other thread).

“I’m feeling a bit sad that I won’t get anything. AIBU to feel sad that he’s bought something for ex but not for me?”

More than 200 people responded to the post, with many agreeing that the woman was not being unreasonable – and some even went as far as to say she should break up with her partner over this.

One person said: “He would be my ex now.”

Another wrote: “Get rid of him. That’s so hurtful. Please leave – you deserve better.”

A third posted: “Dump him.”

However, others pointed out that her partner only did what they agreed to.

“He hasn’t meant to be hurtful as you agreed this so maybe talk to him,” suggested someone else.

A different user added: “He’s done what you agreed to, you’re the one who’s decided to buy him something. Tell him you’ve changed your mind and want a present too, he’s unlikely to be telepathic.”

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