BBC EastEnders fans ‘can’t stop crying’ as they point out baby blunder

EastEnders viewers were fully invested in the latest drama hitting the square – until a baby blunder threw them off course.

Fans of the BBC One soap tuned in for the latest in the aftermath of Gray Atkins and Chelsea Fox’s wedding.

The pair tied the knot despite Whitney Dean trying to warn Chelsea that Gray was dangerous and her suspicions that he killed his wife Chantelle.

As viewers know, Gray had been abusing Chantelle before her shock death last September which left them coiling in horror.

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What they don’t know is that Gray went on to murder Tina Carter and he also killed off Whitney’s boyfriend Kush Kazemi.

Chelsea went ahead with the wedding but was later left fearing for her life when a drunk Whitney sent messages Chantelle had written on a domestic abuse forum.

Terrified, she plotted her escape with the help of Whitney and Kheerat Panesar only for Gray to get to Mitch Baker and convince him to bring Chelsea back home as she is unwell.

Then in more dramatic scenes, Chelsea went into early labour at just 24 weeks after rowing with serial killer Gray.

At the hospital, she begged her mum Denise to stay with her as she delivered her premature baby.

Chelsea had killer husband Gray by her side as she gave birth

But in the end she was stuck with her husband by her side and their baby Jordan, named after her late brother, was eventually born.

EastEnders viewers, however, were quickly distracted by the baby.

@ifdogscouldfly tweeted: “Nahhhh #EastEnders has gone down hill. WHAT YHE HELL IS THIS PLASTIC BABY.”

“When you’re properly engrossed in the episode then the s******t fake baby makes you rupture something from laughing. That was shocking #EastEnders,” @Woowaa82 said.

Viewers were distracted by the baby

@miss_presht commented: “Sorry but could they not find a baby that looks more realistic than that one #EastEnders.”

“That was the fakest baby I’ve ever seen in a show #EastEnders,” @CourtneyxWillis added.

@DavidMackayyy shared: “That baby was so fake, I’m SCREAMING #eastenders,” before adding: “Can’t stop crying at the baby doll PLSSSSSSS #eastenders.”

But in EastEnders defence, @Audge3000 said: “Everyone shocked it’s a doll??? Like, what were ye expecting? An actual premature baby???? #EastEnders.”

@clare_fairz added: “#EastEnders omg people it’s Xmas, all the actual babies are in call the midwife, let the plastic doll thing go!!”

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