The unloved and unwanted Christmas presents that are already up for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Receiving a Christmas gift that you don’t like, doesn’t fit or you simply won’t use is an awkward moment for most people.

We’ve all been there, when a family member has gifted you something that’s not at all your cup of tea.

And behind the false smile whilst opening it, you’re secretly wishing they’d just given you money instead.

Whether its an ugly jumper, the same perfume you get every year or something you already have, most of us will either grin and bear it or politely ask for the receipt to return it.

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But it seems that the braver gift recipients among us in Greater Manchester are listing their unloved presents for sale – and they have no shame in doing so either.

There are a variety of weird and wonderful items on Facebook Marketplace that are blatantly labelled ‘unwanted Christmas present’.

Here are some of the best gifts that Mancunians are hoping to flog just a few days after receiving them for Christmas.

Dior trainers

Dior trainers

Whoever gifted these designer trainers must be kicking themselves that they didn’t save their money.

These brand-new men’s Dior trainers are on the marketplace for a whopping £700 – which is actually a reduced price as they retail at around £980.

Listed clearly as an ‘unwanted Christmas present’, we’re not sure why this seller in Stockport doesn’t want them but we hope the gift giver isn’t too offended.

Nintendo Switch game

Nintendo game

Fresh on the marketplace is this Nintendo Switch game called ‘Gang Beats’.

After listing it as ‘used – good’, this seller in Wigan has quite clearly been gifted the game, played it, probably completed it and now wants to get rid of it.

The listing reads ‘I have got this for a Christmas present and I’m selling it for 20 pound, it is new it’s a online game’.

It retails for around £30 so at least they’re selling it at a discounted price.

Water-spraying speakers

Water-spraying speakers

On the more random end of Facebook Marketplace are these interesting musical gaming speakers.

Listed just yesterday, they’ve been gifted for Christmas, tried and tested – but it looks like the recipient wasn’t a fan.

They’re on the marketplace for £20 as an ‘Unwanted Christmas present, brand new from B&M’.

Electric toothbrush

Oral-B toothbrush

This brand new Oral-B electric toothbrush sadly didn’t make it under the tree this year.

Did the gift giver fall out with their friend or was there a messy break-up involved? I guess we’ll never know.

Instead of wasting their money, this seller in Oldham has listed it on Facebook Marketplace with the tag ‘Toothbrush was supposed to be a Christmas present but not needed now.’

Nike Jordan trainers


It’s always a shame when you receive a Christmas present that doesn’t fit, but instead of exchanging them for another size one recipient in Rochdale is selling them on.

These Nike Jordan trainers are listed on Facebook Marketplace for £90, which is around about the same price that they retail.

The listing says ‘Christmas present need different size, selling easier than sending back’ – at least they’re honest.

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