Coronation Street fans defend soap amid ‘boring’ claims as Kelly Neelan and Abi Franklin have breakthrough

Coronation Street fans have jumped to the defence of the soap after latest scenes appeared to see a breakthrough for Kelly Neelan and Abi Franklin.

Abi had ITV soap viewers fuming over the festive season as she was accused of ‘bullying’ Kelly.

The grieving mum was given the perfect Christmas gift when she was reunited with her twins Charlie and Lexie, who now have a new life in Australia after being taken into care and adopted.

Kevin organised the heartwarming surprised after finding a letter from Abi’s late son Seb, who had already set the wheels in motion for a reunion.

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But Abi’s mood was quickly changed when she visited Seb’s memorial on Boxing Day and was furious to find that Kelly had left flowers and a card.

Already unhappy that the teen is living back in Weatherfield, the mechanic sought to make Kelly as uncomfortable as possible.

She taunted her at the Bistro as she sat down for a meal with the Alahan’s before preventing her from getting into work at the barbers with Maria, leading to her being sacked.

And during Tuesday night’s trip to the Corrie cobbles, the pair came face-to-face again at an NA meeting.

Abi has been taunting Kelly

Kelly was marched to the meeting by former foster mum Toyah Battersby after she was caught with spice by local cop, Craig Tinker.

Abi once again dragged her chair to sit in direct eye contact with Kelly who she cannot forgive for the night of the attack which claimed the life of her son.

Prompted by Toyah, Kelly opened up about her own childhood with a criminal for a dad and a absent mum.

Still showing no sign of sympathy, Abi took her turn to talk about how drugs led her to being absent in her own children’s lives, including Seb’s.

Kelly was marched to the NA meeting by Toyah

The pair appeared to have more in common than they may have realised and seemingly a breakthrough was made.

But not all Corrie viewers were happy with the storyline and flocked to social media to have their say.

@jrr.clarke33 said: “Change the record and move on what part of Kelly didn’t kill Seb doesn’t Abby understand? It’s time to move on….boring.”

“Time to put this storyline to bed. Gone on for far too long. We are all bored to death with it,” @mckevitteric complained.

Kelly opened up about her own childhood

@andyroe67 agreed: “Time to bring this storyline to an end now, been going on long enough.”

Others, however, were quick to defend the storyline.

@_vicky.baker_ said: “Why are people complaining that the story is dragging on? Do they expect Abbie to just suddenly be okay. Corrie are doing this so well by showing the different stages of grief and how long it goes on for.

“Kelly may not have delivered the blow that killed Seb but she instigated it all and Abbie can’t forget that and nor should she be expected to. Well done for doing this story properly.”

Abi also became emotional

“Everyone saying fed up of this storyline and abi, surely all those commenting that have been through grief and should know that grief lasts forever not just a few days/weeks/months. Same as addiction that doesn’t just stop once you’ve recovered from the addiction the recovery is ongoing until the day you die.

“I’m glad coronation Street are “dragging it out” as some people are saying/implying it makes it feel like it is happening in real time rather than just forgetting about it ASAP,” @bronwynphilpott commented.

@toryglen1 added: “Agree storyline is dragging on a bit but Abi has been absolutely superb throughout and am sure as an actress she would love to move on to happier storylines.”

And many were quick to applaud actresses Sally Carman and Millie Gibson for their portrayal of the warring neighbours.

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