Anthea Turner’s bizarre beauty secret is taking pills prescribed to her dog

Anthea Turner has revealed the surprising secret behind her ageless beauty… but we’re not sure if her fans will be quick to give it a try

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Anthea Turner discusses her cosmetic procedures with Lorraine

Anthea Turner has revealed her rather bizarre beauty secret – taking pills prescribed for her dog.

The TV presenter looks as incredible as ever at 61, and claims her ageless appearance is thanks to the medicine that a vet gave to her dog.

Explaining her unconventional beauty ritual, the former Blue Peter star said her vet joked the collagen pills for her dog would also be good for her, but that she took it literally.

Speaking to Platinum magazine, she said it all started in 1999 when she took her puppies Digger and Buddie to see Noel Fitzpatrick, known to many these days as TV’s Supervet.

Anthea with her dogs Digger and Buddie

Anthea said: “When my golden retrievers were pups my vet, Noel Fitzpatrick – then a jobbing vet – detected in one of them a little bit of hip displacement.

“He recommended glucosamine and chondroitin to stop them getting hipdysplasia and arthritis. Then he jokingly said I should be taking collagen too because, as we age, it’s something we lose from our faces as well as our joints.

“So I began taking the same collagen tablets as the dog.”

Anthea looks as incredible as ever at 61


The pills were prescribed to one of her dogs

Anthea was 39 at the time and presenting holiday programme Wish You Were Here.

And while she admits the collagen pills are still part of her daily routine, she says she’s since swapped the dog medication for a powdered supplement designed for humans.

Anthea added: “It’s not just about what it does to your skin and hair. It’s only now that I realise I never ache. I was definitely ahead of the curve thanks to Digger, Buddie and Noel Fitzpatrick.”

She got the idea from Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick


Instagram @Profnoelfitzpatrick)

Anthea has sadly lost her dogs, and has opened up a number of times about her heartache following their deaths.

She’s also been honest about other work she’s had done, recently telling Lorraine Kelly about having plastic surgery.

She said on ITV show Lorraine: “I’ve had the boobies done and I swear by Botox. I can still frown. I haven’t looked really angry since I was 40 and my goodness, you know me, I’ve been angry. I can still laugh!”

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