Superior, Colorado, fire evacuation live

WILDFIRES in Colorado triggered a town to evacuate entirely as the fires quickly ripped through communities in Boulder County.

Seven wildfires broke out on Thursday in the Boulder area, according to reports, driven by strong winds gusting over 50 mph, Wildfire Today noted.

The town of Superior has been evacuated, according to Fox31/KDVR. Some neighborhoods in Boulder in Louisville have followed suit.

The National Weather Service out of Denver/Boulder tweeted that the blazes have created a life-threatening situation in Superior and Louisville areas, noting that the “fast-moving fires” should encourage people to “gather more information and please be prepared to evacuate immediately.”

The Denver Channel noted that one wind gust was marked at 110mph and that there are multiple fires in the area that continue to grow.

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  • What is happening with the fires?

    An official Twitter account for the National Weather Service Denver/Boulder forecast office reported about the threat of the wildfires on Thursday.

    “Life threating situation in Superior and Louisville areas! Fast moving fires are in the area. Gather more information and please be prepared to evacuate immediately. # cowx.”

    One user replied to the warning with a photo of a residential neighborhood and smoke behind them.

    “Lots of smoke visible from Lafayette- Hope everyone can stay safe,” they wrote.

  • Roads shut down

    Some roads, including Colorado 93, have been shut down by the winds that are spurring on the wildfires, according to The Denver Post.

    Some trucks have been “toppled,” the outlet noted.

  • Thousands evacuated

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management ordered an evacuation notice for the town of Superior around 1pm, the Denver Post reported.

    The town has a population of about 12,000 people.

    About an hour later, fire command ordered an evacuation of Louisville as well, which has about 20,000 people.

    “Boulder County Office of Emergency Management has just announced an Evacuation Order for ALL of Superior, Colorado residents,” the town said on Twitter.

  • Seven new fires

    A Twitter account that follows wildfires in the Northern California area noted that seven new fires were reported nearby Boulder, Colorado around 4pm.

  • 115mph gust hits

    The Denver Channel/Denver 7 reported an astounding figure when it comes to wind gusts driving the Colorado wildfires.

    According to the outlet, Denver7’s Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson said a 115mph gust hit Rocky Flats.

  • Burn victims

    A Boulder weather account on Twitter noted that a nurse in the area said they are treating “lots of burn patients” in the wake of the fires.

  • ‘Massive fires in the fields’

    One Boulder outlet on Twitter shared terrifying photos and video of a wildfire ripping through fields in the area.

  • Over 100mph gusts

    The Denver Post reported wind gusts topping 100 mph as strong winds have whipped up wildfires in Boulder, County in Colorado.

    The National Weather Service reported a wind gust of 105 mph that was recorded at Rocky Flats.

  • Governor’s statement

    Gov Jared Polis, who lives in Boulder, issued a statement about the fire, according to KDVR.

    “Prayers for thousands of families evacuating from the fires in Superior and Boulder County. Fast winds are spreading flames quickly and all aircraft are grounded.”

  • Smoke visible on weather radar

    “Very strong winds fueling the #marshallfire. Never a good sign when radar shows a smoke plume this strong,” the National Weather Service out of Boulder tweeted on Thursday.

    “Please heed all evacuations associated with this fire. Follow @BoulderOEM for latest evacuations and official fire info.”

  • Louisville under evacuation

    The entire city of Lousiville is under evacuation orders due to fires in the area, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management and The Denver Channel.

  • Multiple fires

    The Denver Channel reported there are multiple fires in Colorado leading to a dangerous situation.

    The outlet noted that there are, “Multiple growing and fast-moving grass fires” in Boulder County.

  • Where are the fires?

    The wildfires are in the Boulder, Colorado area.

    The National Weather Service out of Boulder said there is a “Life threating situation in Superior and Louisville areas!”

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