Met Office warns SNOW & Arctic winds to lash Britain with ‘floods, lightning & power cuts’ expected

Where will snow fall this week?

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge told The Sun: “Snow will mostly fall across the high ground of Scotland, and places 200m above sea level and above.

“It will make its way further South late Monday into Tuesday, and so places like Leeds might get a little bit of snow – but it probably won’t last too long, because it’s going to be quite sunny.

“Other than that, it’s mainly higher ground further north.

“It’s definitely going to turn colder and by Tuesday could hit the exact average temperatures for this time of year – it’ll just be a big difference compared with the very mild conditions we’ve seen over the last few days.

“It will also be pretty windy, with strong Northerly winds so it’ll feel colder than the predicted temperatures, which will be around eight or nine degrees.”

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