Meghan Markle news latest – Millionaires Prince Harry & Duchess ‘raise less than £37k through their charity Archewell’

Meghan’s £100,000 engagement ring (Continued…)

The spokesperson for Design Bundles continued to say: “The Duchess of Sussex brought an entirely fresh approach to royalty, integrating the diversity of her experiences, her overseas education, and her refusal to stay silent on key issues into centuries-long, royal traditions, and her engagement ring reflects this.

“The six-carat, cushion-cut creation is a compelling mixture of new and old, which perfectly reflects the Duchess’s position within the Royal Family, with her and Prince Harry’s desire to ‘carve out a progressive role’ within the ancient institution.

“The ethically sourced, sparkling centre diamond is new, bought especially by Prince Harry for Meghan, while the side diamonds formerly belonged to Prince Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana, who, despite her untimely death aged 36, remains a central part of the Royal Family, and will exist forever as such in the public imagination.”

Meghan Markle's ring
Meghan Markle’s ringCredit: Getty – Contributor

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