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Harry’s ‘shock’ when Andrew once ‘barked at staff’

A FORMER royal chef at Kensington Palace claims Prince Harry was left “shocked” over how Prince Andrew would speak to kitchen staff.

Darren McGrady, who worked for the royals for 15 years, said a young Harry would “pull a face” when Andrew would “bark at staff” and demand food.

Darren was a private chef for the Queen, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, and said Diana tried to raise her sons with impeccable manners. 

He told biographer Chris Hutchins for his 2013 book Harry: The People’s Prince: “[Diana] would often bring William and Harry down to the kitchen to say thank you after a meal they’d enjoyed.”

Darren claimed that a young Harry would “pull a face” over how rude Andrew was to staff.

He said: “Andrew always came straight to the point and told you exactly what he wanted.

“Whereas Harry had been taught to say ‘Please may I have…’, Andrew would bark, ‘Where are my mangoes? I want my mangoes.”

“I’m not surprised that Harry has turned out to be the same as Diana. She doted on him.”

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