Sony announces new virtual reality headset for PS5

Sony has announced its next generation of virtual reality headsets which will be compatible with its latest console, the PlayStation 5.

The announcement was made at Sony’s CES 2022 press conference by CEO Jim Ryan where he confirmed the new headset will be called PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2).

It came shortly before another announcement of a new major videogame which will be catered towards VR gamers – Horizon: Call of the Mountain which has been developed by Guerilla Games and Firesprite.

During the announcement, Mr Ryan said: “It’s our vision to provide the ultimate entertainment experiences to players.”

He added: “PlayStation VR2 will provide a new generation of VR games that will enable players to feel a greater sense of presence and become more immersed within their game worlds once they put on the headsets and wield the controllers.

“PlayStation VR 2 will bring together the power of technology with the creativity of developers. For gamers, that means experiences that can evoke a whole range of emotions.

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“PlayStation VR2 taps into the latest technology to deliver a truly next-gen experience that brings the player closer to the gameplay experience.”

While the actual design of the headset was not released during the announcement, some of the VR2’s features were teased.

Among these new features include eye-tracking and ‘foveated rendering’ with a 110-degree field of view alongside haptic feedback which will hopefully increase the immersive experience of the headset.

It will also have ‘4K HDR’ compatibility which should increase the visual quality of games on the headset.

The controllers that will come with the headset, the VR Sense controllers, will also provide haptic feedback to players.

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