How to get Player Moments Hakim Ziyech card in FUT 22

FIFA 22 has added the second Player Moments item in 2022 following the previous release of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The latest one features a special player item of Chelsea footballer Hakim Ziyech.

Player Moments items are usually added for footballers to celebrate a highlight moment in their careers. However, the Hakim Ziyech Player Moments card is a unique one as the highlight moment goes back to his Headliners promo card in FUT 19.

Player Moments Ziyech with 5⭐ skills. 🔥Looks good value if you’re running a Prem team. #FUT #FIFA22

Player Moments cards have boosted stats compared to their normal base variants. The cards are also unavailable in packs in FIFA 22 and can’t be obtained from the market either. The only way to obtain Player Moments cards in FIFA 22 has been by completing their respective SBCs within the stipulated time.

Tasks, rewards, and review of Hakim Ziyech Players Moments card for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Tasks of the SBC

1) Tactical Emulation

# of players from Chelsea: Min 1

IF Players: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 75

# of players in the Squad: 11

2) Premier League

# of players from Premier League: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

Team Chemistry: Min 65

# of players in the Squad: 11

What is the Hakim Ziyech Player Moments SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

The second Player Moments SBC of 2022 features Chelsea superstar Hakim Ziyech’s special item. It’s a two-task SBC, so FIFA 22 players will have to complete both tasks to earn the item. The SBC is live on FIFA 22 for 1 week so players must hurry if they want to add the card to their collection.

Hakim Ziyech Player Moments card review for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The 89-rated RW card has a terrific combination of 90 Pace and Dribbling. The card has terrific Passing of 93 and 83 Finishing as well. Considering the fact that the card costs around 168,000 FUT coins, it’s a tad expensive.

However, Hakim Ziyech’s Players Moments item has a major weakness which is the 2* Weak Foot. Weak Foot is extremely important in the meta because otherwise, the player item becomes overtly dependent on its stronger foot only. If the item had better Weak Foot, it would have been an excellent release in FIFA 22.

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