National Disc Golf Day Jokes, Quotes, and FAQs To Celebrate the Day

National Disc Golf Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of August each year. We have the Minnesota Professional Disc Golf Association to thank for National Disc Golf Day. In August, the founders chose this date to commemorate the American Flying Disc Open. A well-known tournament that has hundreds of participants.

August was also when Ed Hendrick’s patented the first golf disc course. The day was officially recognized five years ago and had been going strong ever since.

National Disc Golf Day quotes, captions, and jokes

Disc Golf Quotes

May the course be with you.

Not many sports can be played alone, in the woods or in the fields, where a man can be alone with his thoughts. Or better yet, without them.
Patrick McCormick

Life is better with disc golf.

Like everything, practice makes perfect. I am far from perfect, but practice is what it takes to become talented at anything.
Nikko Locastro

Disc golf lets me forget that anything else matters. It’s all about being outside in beautiful surroundings and enjoying the complexities of the game.
Steve Logan

A bad day at disc golf beats a good day at work.

Most importantly, just throw.
Patrick McCormick

Nothing says I love you like a disc in the face.

I don’t always play disc golf; oh wait, yes, I do.

Disc Golf: The art of playing fetch with yourself.

Jokes About Disc Golf

Why did the disc golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole-in-one.

I don’t always sink fifty-foot putts, but they’re for double-bogey when I do.

Two disc golfers approached a man who was playing by himself. They asked, why are you playing alone? The man said his wife had passed away. The other golfers said someone should be playing with you. The solo golfer replied, that’s what I thought, but they all wanted to go to the funeral.

A disc golfer went to a wise guru and asked how can I win at disc golf? The guru said practice, perseverance, and patience. The golfer asked anything else? The guru replied, if those don’t work, cheat.

If you and your disc golf friends all get a par on the same hole, it’s called a par-tay!

Instagram Captions for Disc Golf

Can we fly through?

I got a hole-in-one.

You’ve got game.

Chain smoker.

I’m just here to hit trees and gripe.

I think I lost my disc.

Complete basket case.

Does this disc make me look fat?

One hole down, seventeen more to go.

Is this a good outfit for disc golf?

Funny Captions for Disc Golfers

Keep calm and bang chains.

Talk birdie to me.

Trees don’t care about my feelings.

Best player by par.


Grip it and rip it.

Do you even throw, Bro?

I don’t think I have the right disc for this shot.

You’re out.

See Good Disc Golf Slogans.

Fun Facts About Disc Golf

1.) Seventy-five percent of all disc golf courses are in the United States.

2.) In the United States, disc golf is the fourth fastest-growing sport. Check out the Professional Disc Golf Association.

3.) Possibly the world’s best disc golfer is Ken Climo. In his career, he won nine straight Disc Golf World Championships.

4.) At the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, both the male and female winners received $20,000.

5.) According to surveys, the two most popular disc golf drivers are the Innova Wraith and the Innova Destroyer.

6.) The MVP golf disc uses two different materials in its core and rim to create different weights. The outer edge uses a heavier material, while the core is lighter. This makes a faster spin rate, and the disc flies farther.

7.) The world record for the most disc golf holes played in 24 hours in 2,900 holes. Michael Sale accomplished this in 2014. He had a stack of discs at each hole that was replaced after he played the hole. He also ran from hole to hole, and the holes averaged only 100 feet long.

8.) The traditional flying disc is lighter and more prominent in diameter than today’s flying disc. The modern-day disc is 120 to 180 grams, and the diameter is 20 to 23 centimeters.

9.) Disc Golf is a great stress reliever. It provides a healthy way to loosen up the neck, arms, and shoulders kinks.

Best Disc Golf Shot Ever Video

When is National Disc Golf Day?

2022: Saturday, August 6.

2023: Saturday, August 5.

2024: Saturday, August 3.


Here are frequently asked questions about National Disc Golf Day.

How do I celebrate National Disc Golf Day?

You can teach the sport to someone else. Part of the Disc Golf Day celebration is to spread the word about the sport. Call up a friend or colleague and offer to spend the day teaching them how to play disc golf.

Watch disc golf on TV. Both ESPN and CBS Sports Network carry disc golf tournaments. Most of the Professional Disc Golf Tour is carried on TV. You can also check YouTube for highlight reels of excellent disc golf shots.

Create a disc golf course in your backyard. There are inexpensive disc golf targets available online ($18.00). Set up targets on your lawn and invite people over for disc golf, food, drinks, and fun.

Have a contest with your family and friends to design the best disc golf course. Don’t worry about artistic skills; think clever. A prize for the contest could be a golf disc.

Go play disc golf. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, all fifty states have at least one disc golf course. The PDGA has a convenient directory of all disc golf courses.

What is the History of Disc Golf?

It could date back to the 1920s when supposedly schoolchildren threw tin lids at circular targets drawn in the sand. This was followed by something called street frisbee golf and then golf with frisbees.

Things heated up when the American Flying Disc Open was founded on August 2, 1974. The first disc golf course was patented in 1975, and the following year the Disc Golf Association was founded. Dan Hendricks, who patented disc golf, was a former Wham-O employee who quit to pursue disc golf full-time.

From 1976 to 1977, Hendricks trademarked Disc Golf and patented the golf pole target. The sport grew slowly until it received attention on cable TV. ESPN features disc golf shots on its Sports Center show bringing the sport into America’s living rooms.

Is it a Golf Disc or a Frisbee?

All the earliest disc golf games were played with Frisbees from the Wham-O company. The frisbee was introduced in 1957. In 1983, Dave Dunipace invented a disc specifically for disc golf. He co-founded the company Innova which became a famous golf disc manufacturer.

Where was the First Disc Golf Course?

The first official disc golf course was built in Oak Grove Park (Pasadena), California.

Are there Professional Disc Golf Players?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that professional disc golfers include men and women devoted to the sport. There are many tournaments around the world and opportunities to participate. Professionals join the Professional Disc Golf Association and practice daily.

A skilled professional disc golfer can make an average of $116,037 (in 2018). In that same year, the top golfer earned $2i2,198, and the last place golfer made $62,870.

How Many Disc Golfers are there?

Disc Golf is played in 22 countries, Breakdowns of specific countries are vague, but about 500,000 players play disc golf regularly. Between 8,000,000 and 12,000,000 people have played at least once.

How Many Disc Golf Courses are there?

There are over 11,000-disc golf courses worldwide. An average of 400 new courses are being added each year.

How Many Golf Discs Do You Play with?

Golfers typically bring at least three: Drivers, Mid-Range, and Putters.

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is not a disc golfer; however, both of his children are avid disc golfers. They both started when they were teenagers and are now in their 30’s. Both still enjoy playing.


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