Boris Johnson’s betrayal can never be forgiven – Record View

The testimony from grieving relatives such as Jenni Lang and the hundreds of others who lost their loved ones to Covid, but abided by all the rules laid down for them, is heartbreaking.

The revelation that Downing Street hosted a BYOB party at the height of the first lockdown in May 2020, in a week when 4000 died lonely deaths separated from their families, leaves people like Jenni traumatised.

The Prime Minister smirked and dodged when asked if he had attended yet another rule-breaking shindig at the very heart of the UK’s Government.

The key question left in the air is what kind of person thought it was OK to party on while telling other people that they could only meet one person outside and that they could not hold the hand of their dying relatives?

There is palpable anger and disgust, there is shame at the total disregard for the rules, at the hypocrisy and the self-centred arrogance of someone who thought they deserved to be an exception to the rules they set for others.

This party was not a mistake, not an exception, it was part of a pattern of blatant disregard for people who were making sacrifices in their lives not experienced before in peacetime.

This is an individual who has already trashed the integrity of his office and ruined the trust of the public in politics.

Johnson and his friends laughed and drank and abused the privilege being in government bestowed on them. It is a breach of faith and the repeated lies weren’t going to make the events go away.

This was not a civil service out of control. This was a manipulative politician making everyone who worked for him complicit in his desire to do as he pleased.

Other people worked hard in lockdown, NHS staff hammered their souls out fighting the tide of infections, shop workers sweated it out and went home alone, bus drivers fell like flies doing their duty to the public.

None of them got a boozy party in the sunshine – though God knows they deserved it.

No wonder people are disgusted.

It is clear that Boris Johnson is not fit to lead this country.

It is now the Tory backbenchers who put him into office who hold the Prime Minister’s fate in their hands – as it will be their actions over the coming days that decide whether he stays or goes.

Frankly, we wouldn’t trust that bunch of charlatans and self-serving chancers with a fish supper, never mind the future of the country.

If they finally put an end to this dismal leader’s time in office, however, they will at least have done one good thing in their careers.

But whatever happens to Johnson, for people like Jenni Lang the memory of the Tories and their BYOB parties at the height of lockdown will never go away.

None of us should ever forget it and the Tory Party should never be forgiven.

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